In today’s new age of technology and lack of social interaction, too many companies choose to remain faceless. Expecting you to trust their product or service without knowing who the men and women behind them truly are. At Fernweh, Rob Keller wants you to know that he and his team will personally offer a white glove concierge service not only to your guests, but to you. When you partner with us, you’re partnering with an experienced group of like-minded individuals who all work together to make your experience memorable and profitable.


Coming from nearly a decade of experience in the digital media space, Rob specializes in first impressions for your short term rental listings. By focusing on the guest experience from the time they book to the time they depart, Rob’s mission is to build trust and loyalty among guests giving them a reason to return to your home time and time again.

"Never depend on a single income, make an investment to create a second source."

-Warren Buffett


Specializing in growing an audience online, Jeff’s role at Fernweh is to ensure your properties are placed in front of as many eyes as possible. Through “top-of-mind marketing, Jeff creates visual experiences for potential guests so that they may envision themselves enjoying everything Fernweh has to offer when we list your vacation home.

Where does "Fernweh" come from?

Fernweh, pronounced [feirn-vay] is a German noun translating to mean an ache for distant places; missing places you've never been. In other words, a craving for travel. Rob's German heritage is the main inspiration behind the name. With his and Becca's creative twist on short term rental management, the rest of the name came naturally.


It’s not enough to place your listing in front of human eyes. First, your property must be found by Google and other search engines. Lauren’s role at Fernweh is to fulfill that requirement. Coming from a background in online journalism, Lauren’s experience in blog writing and email campaigns are the icing on the cake when it comes to marketing your vacation home.

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[feirn-vay] • German

(n.) an ache for distant places; missing places you've never been. "Craving for travel"