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Listing Photo Review

a $100 value - Included

We’ll look at your photos to make sure they are up to the new standard that guests look for on Airbnb.

Listing Description Review

a $300 value - Included

We’ll look at your description to make sure it is algorithm friendly for Airbnb and contains the proper keywords for SEO.

Amenities Deep Dive

a $50 value - Included

We'll dive deep into your list of amenities and make suggestions so you can achieve as close to 90th percentile on Airbnb as possible.

Pricing Strategy Review

a $500 value - Included

We'll review your pricing strategy to make sure you’re using dynamic pricing and staying competitive in today's market.

Guest Reviews Deep Dive

a $100 value - Included

We'll look over your reviews to collect crucial feedback from guests.

Historical Market Data Report

a $50 value - Included

We'll provide a historical market data driven report to determine the specific earning potential for your listing.

Action Plan for Hosts

a $100 value - Included

We'll build a custom plan, tailored to your unique situation, to see if you might be a good fit for one of our marketing strategies to move you to the top of Airbnb and get you more bookings.

$1,200 worth of value, completely free!

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